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Discover Traktion Features

Complex funnels made simple

You can build heavy rotation lander and offers in a matter of seconds and minutes. It's not limited to 1 step funnel, you can also build 3-4 step funnels easily using drag and drop.

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Fast and intuitive reporting

We spend most of time on refreshing reporting page and using drill drown to optimize campaigns. We made our reporting to be fast and intuitive. Now clicking on drill down instantly change the report without even refreshing page and you will need to click less and spend less time to get the report you wanted.

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Optimize campaigns automatically

For best landers and offers using our heavily tested algorithm so that you don't need to keep monitoring your campaign. It's like having someone watching over your campaigns 24/7. It will literally save you time and money on monitor costs.

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More Features

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Direct Tracking Pixel

Track paid and organic traffic without the initial redirect. Accelerate the process of sending visitors to your offers, and advertise without limits, even in regions where the Internet connection is slow.

Impression Tracking

Track impressions of your banner ads to measure the impact of particular display touchpoints. Combined with other metrics, impressions will give you a complete overview of your ad campaign performance.

Traffic Source & Affiliate Network Templates

Access 35+ templates for the most popular traffic sources and 15+ for the most chosen affiliate networks to set up your campaigns hassle-free.

Custom Conversion Tracking

Set multiple conversion types to track all actions taken by users throughout their customer lifecycle (LTV).

Tracking Domains with SSL

Secure your tracking domains with SSL certificate directly in your Voluum account to make sure they won’t be marked as suspicious by search engines.

Multiple Cost Models

Track costs using different models like CPC, CPM, CPA or Revshare. Set everything correctly to see how much you pay, what’s your profit and ROI.

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