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Our Services

The Fish Room's sister company Clear Water Aquariums, LLC. provides full-service aquarium maintenance to Raleigh and the surrounding areas. Please visit http://www.clearwaternc.com for more information.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service contracts
  • Custom design and installation
  • Aquarium relocations and removals
  • Custom sumps and overflows

Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service contracts:

  • Clean and maintain aquarium glass, skimmer, UV, filter.
  • Change water.
  • Test water quality and provide the appropriate supplements.
  • Feed fish and coral.

All service contracts include the following services:

Personal shopper - We locate, quarantine, treat, and place livestock upon your request. Ongoing phone and email support – Phone calls will be returned within two hours during the week and within 24 hours on the weekends. Emails will be returned within one day through the week and within two days on the weekend. Rates are quoted based on the aquarium location, access to the system, tank size, material (glass or acrylic), and equipment.

Additional charges will be applied for livestock, equipment, and special services such as custom design and installation, aquarium relocations and removals, and custom sumps and overflows.

Custom design and installation:

We provide customized aquarium designs that will enhance and complement the interior of your home or office. After we work with you to design a personalized aquatic setting, our experienced staff will install the aquarium and design a maintenance plan that will help the system grow and look great.

There is no cost for a design consultation. The cost of installation varies based on the system. The price includes the aquarium, stand, and all equipment to set up the environment. Additional charges are applied to cover livestock, live rock, and corals.

Aquarium relocations and removals:

We breakdown, relocate, and completely set up an aquarium or breakdown an aquarium that you do not plan to set up. The total cost for this service depends on the size of the tank, amount of livestock, and level of access.

Custom sumps and overflows:

We build sumps and overflows. The total cost for this service depends on the size of the sump and/or overflow