How It Works

Our promise is to go above and beyond to ensure the success of your brand.

With each and every client we partner with, we employ a proprietary, three-step framework we like to call the Silversage Secret Sauce:

  • Strategize

    First, we hop on a discovery call with you to understand your brand’s market, niche, and goals so we can map out and establish the specific, tailored actions we’re going to take each week (and the expected outcomes of each of those actions). This step gives you full transparency and keeps us accountable for providing measurable results.

  • Execute

    Then, after we establish the game plan and timeline, we build out a full-scale, automated email marketing system in order to optimize each stage of the customer lifecycle:

    • Nurture

      Opt-in + welcome sequences to establish relationships with website visitors

    • Convert

      Abandoned cart + browse abandon sequences to turn website visitors into happy customers

    • Retain

      Post-purchase + win-back sequences to turn happy customers into life-long fans

  • Manage

    Finally, while the email marketing system is working its magic behind the scenes, we send rigorously tested, personalized email campaigns on a set schedule consisting of newsletters, special sales and promos, and new product launches that further nurture and convert website visitors and drive repeat purchases from existing customers.

At the end of each week, we provide you with a performance summary report so you can stay in the loop at all times and quantify the progress (and extra money) being made.

With our done-for-you email marketing, you’ll never have to lift a finger.

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