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You can get pretty much anything you need from trusted Pinga partners in your neighbourhood. So the next time you need a bottle opener or a bottle of wine, press Pinga.

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Help, I need coffee!
Cooking paella, no rice 🙀
Locked out, need a ladder!
Sure, in La Bouche anyway
Ur in luck, got some!
U 🍩. I can help!
Total lifesaver 😇
Wow, seriously?!
Oh this is amazing
It sounded serious!
Can drop it in 10 mins 😊
Live on ur road, with u in 5!

It’s super fast, 15 mins later, it’s yours.

Our Pinga Partners live and work in the community around you. That’s why they can get to you so quickly.

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Remie, Actress
I have crackers n no cheese (tragic)
Alisha, Student
Needed bog roll, got it, lol
Will, Solicitor
Two sirloin steaks please & asparagus my G
Mikey, Stylist
Feel like a good Samaritan AND I get paid
Sandra, Architect
I donate my fee to charity in the app!
Jesse, Entrepreneur
Easiest money yet

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Welcome to the most flexible work in the world

Want to be a Pinga partner? Pick up tasks whenever you like and get paid at least £5 each time. No moped. No uniform. No shifts! Be rewarded - become a Gold member and earn an extra 25% per task.

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Changing the world, one favour at a time

Our vision is to change communities so it becomes more normal to help people around you. You experience a special feeling when a Pinga Partner arrives at your door, minutes after sending your request. We’re part of our local community which is why we’ve partnered with

the Hackney Food Bank, working to stop local people going hungry. We make it easy for Pinga users to donate their time, not money to this great cause by donating their task fees. And we run regular Food Bank ‘happy hours’ where we’ll pick up your unused food and take it directly to the charity.v


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