Crypto investments done the smart way

OceanCapital uses intelligent algorithms and its experience in the industry to invest your cryptocurrencies, so you don't have to. Private presale available to whitelisted investors, sign up for the queue below:

About Us

We are a team of highly experienced individuals who aim to use our knowledge and skills to manage your assets, allowing it to grow and multiply.

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Smart Algorithms

We use battle-tested trading strategies and tools along with well-researched algorithms to arrive at the correct decisions for unrivaled returns.

Diversified Portfolios

We divide our investment portfolio in different pools to mitigate risk and ensure that you come out green even in a red market, therefore shielding you from volatility.

Protecting Your Investment

We implement 24/7 monitoring and keep failsafes in place using our underlying blockchain technology to provide a secure framework for your investment to grow.


As a fund, OceanCapital allows you to invest more capital than you could on your own and also secures exclusive deals with new ICOs to invest first, thus allowing your investment to experience higher returns.

The Team

Siddharth Armaan Sharma
Evan Luthra
CSO (Strategy)
Tanay Rajoria
Marketing Head