Leverage Neural’s blockchain technologies to create functional healthcare

Reduce the cost of care, enhance clinical quality, integrate the consumer, and bring healthcare into the 21st century.

We Pay You To Care

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We protect your most valuable data, so you don’t have to.

Healthcare Providers

We know you care, let us help you help others with meaningful insights, fueled by data.

Health Systems

You now have the tools to prevent problems before they magnify.

Insurance Providers

We synchronize payor-provider relationships resulting in higher quality, cost efficient care.

The Neural Ecosystem

Innovation that lets you do what you do best and help those in need.

Provide security and required tools to assess clinical quality and financial impact

Improve quality of care, reduce cost of care, further the physician-patient relationship

Enhance consumer-provider interaction and data sharing; improve consumer satisfaction

Combine enhanced care, and consumer satisfaction as payor negotiation levers