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Getting a quote

To start comparing you only need to provide a few details


Health and Age

Your insurer will need detail about your health and medical history. If you have any underlying conditions you will need to share them. Your age will also be required.



Along with age, your occupation will determine what you pay. Older people are likely to pay more.



They will also need to know about your lifestyle details, such as if you drink or are a smoker.

Partner’s Details

Partner’s Details

For joint details you must also provide the same information for your partner.

Critical Illness insurance

What is Critical Illness insurance?

By adding Critical Illness cover to your life insurance you cover yourself in the event of becoming seriously unwell. For conditions covered by the insurance you can receive a lump sum on being diagnosed. This can help with paying bills and unexpected medical costs, such as home adjustments.

Life Insurance protects your family after you are gone. With Critical Illness Insurance you add protection for yourself.

Critical Illness Insurance benefits

Life Insurance covers your family for when you are gone, but what about if you are still here? Being unable to work will affect them in similar ways.
Illnesses such as stroke, hearth attack or cancer are all covered by the policy. If you suffer a serious injury which stops you working you will also be protected.
Prepare for the unexpected the quick and easy way. Quote My Life provide the best comparisons in minutes. Get a quick quote to living costs and medical bills you and your family might face.

Frequently asked questions

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