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Decentralized Aggregated Oracle

Aggregated on-chain data from the most trusted providers in the industry

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On-Demand Oracle Data

Get any data you want on chain securely with a setup that takes less than 10 minutes.

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Oracle Marketplace

A secure trustless market for oracle data clients and providers

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The simple fact that they allow you to basically plug and play in whatever condition you need. It's a no brainer, that's the beauty of something like that. I need data from Ethereum or Polygon or Solana, Modefi works for all three. From a coding standpoint that means the code will only be done once saving days or even weeks of work.

Stefano Covolan
Blockchain Entrepreneur

Use Cases

Advanced Price Feeds

Aggregated data feeds for more secure, precise and frequent data.


Obtaining pricing and rarity data for the NFT metaverse.


Setting up tournaments from start to finish, including sponsorships. No escrow required.

Real Estate

Real time property evaluations, on-chain ownership and deal closures.


Randomization and Event outcomes


Real time policy payouts, environment reports and P2P insurance pools.

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What We Do

Modefi is looking to solve these problems in a few different ways.

With the growing adoption of Blockchain there is an increased need for real world data on-chain. There are limitations which restrict what type of data currently can be used.

While pricing feeds are the most common data at the moment being relayed on-chain by existing Oracle networks, there is still the possibility of these systems being exploited.

Oracle Aggregator

Which allows for the most decentralized and reliable data possible through the integration of existing and established Oracles such as Chainlink, Band, Tellor, DIA, etc.

On Demand Oracle

Bringing custom data sets on-chain has never been easier, setup takes just minutes instead of weeks or months. We are opening up the possibility of unlimited use cases with our On Demand Oracle.

Oracle Marketplace

The first of it's kind, where developers and projects alike can generate RFQ's (Request for quotation) which can be bid on by Oracle networks. This also gives Oracles a platform to advertise their services.

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