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Our Difference

Komo’s Student Success Accelerator© (SSA) is holistic, skills-based tutoring for the 21st century.

Traditional Tutoring vs. Komo’s SSA

When our kids are struggling or stressed and we realize we’re not the best person to help them, we often turn to tutors. The problem is that traditional tutoring doesn’t actually help our kids; more often than not, it harms them.

Here’s why and how we’re different.

Traditional tutoring


Bring a stranger into your home to tell kids what they need to know. Someone who doesn’t know how your child thinks - who doesn’t get their unique strengths, values and interests - won’t be able to get the best out of them.

Plus, the most qualified tutor on paper isn’t a good fit in real life. It sucks to watch kids struggle through a tutoring session with someone they obviously don’t click with.


​Most parents get tutors when kids are “struggling.” Now, this has a whole host of negative implications for mindset and sense of self, but perhaps most dangerous is that it teaches kids that they should only seek help when they’re doing poorly - rather than proactively seeking to build their strengths ​while improving on their weaknesses.

Traditional tutoring is used as a bandaid or a cure, which at its core tells our kids it’s because they need to be ​fixed​. This erodes kids’ motivation and engagement and almost always makes them feel stupid or inferior to their classmates.

Ad Hoc

Bringing a tutor in once in a while to help our kids study for a big test or write a certain essay reinforces the superficiality of getting a good grade on the next test. No consistency means no meaningful, sustainable skill-building or growth.

Overall this amounts to expending effort on short-term and short-sighted goals, without a strategy for long-term gains or growth. This is a monumental disservice to the student’s time, energy and potential.

Komo’s SSA

Our methods and models are designed to build better thinkers. We show our students how to take control over their school work by systematically building the core skills, mindsets and attributes they need to succeed now, in their future studies, and in whatever career they pursue.

Our holistic, integrated model of academic support fundamentally transforms how students “do” school. It is:


​We build real, authentic rapport with each student. But we’re not tutors in a traditional sense. We’re a new breed of professional: a hybrid educator, mentor, coach and advocate, dedicated entirely to your child’s success in school. The family gains a trusted ally, someone kids and parents can trust and respect.

We help kids introspect to really think about and connect with their strengths, values and interests. They start to understand and step into their best selves, normalizing healthier and more productive patterns.


Getting support is empowering, and all about improving performance and overall well-being. It’s a sign of strength that puts our kids ahead of their peers.

Getting quality support to conquer school is only positive: they get to enjoy their student experience way more while working and stressing less.


Your kids co-construct their very own learning and achievement plan for thriving in school holistically, with short and long-term goals that excite them. The wins they get from planning those goals and the process of achieving them motivates your kids.

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