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Transforming how teens

Komo’s Student Success Accelerator© (SSA) is holistic, skills-based tutoring for the 21st century.

The Komo Model


We use students’ schoolwork to build the skills they need to succeed not just on the next test or assignment but in ​life:​ critical thinking, communication, time management, executive functioning and metacognition.


Clients co-construct their very own learning and achievement strategy, with goals that excite them and wins that keep them motivated. We show them how to become insightful strategists who can effectively manage their own academic careers.


​A new breed of professional - a hybrid educator/mentor/coach - builds real, authentic rapport with kids. The family gains a trusted ally and students are coached to think about, understand and step into their best selves.

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Conquering school empowers kids and affords them a more rewarding student experience, where they can learn more while working and stressing less.

To learn more about how our model differs from traditional tutoring, click here.

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