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Dr. Blake and Dr. Rees designed their children's dental office in Spokane Valley to be entertaining for kids and parents alike. It's stocked with WiFi, video games, a chalkboard wall, and TVs.

Dr. Blake, Dr. Rees, and their KidSmile team are extremely friendly and caring, which translates into positive dental experiences for your child each and every time.

Our treatment rooms have Netflix and Apple TV so kids can watch their favorite shows as we work. All the comforts of home, a fun and friendly team, and a dentist who knows how to help parents feel good about the treatment their children are receiving all come together at KidSmile.

Our goal is for everyone to leave our office with a smile on their face. We hope you'll make KidSmile your child's dental home!

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Preventive Care

Preventative dental care is one of the best ways to keep your kid's smile looking great and healthy for their whole lives. It's extremely important to keep primary (baby) teeth healthy because they make way for the permanent teeth to eventually come in.

There is a common misconception that baby teeth don't matter because they are going to fall out anyways. That couldn’t be more wrong! At KidSmile Dental we focus on preventative dental care that keeps smiles healthy for all the right reasons: your children's health and happiness!

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Courtney Daniels
Source: Facebook

“ My boys are on the autism spectrum, so working with them is difficult. Dr. Blake manages it without even causing them anxiety. This is especially impressive since my kids don't like sensory input (like having teeth touched) or people near their faces. Also, KidSmile has been great even when things go wrong. One of my kids broke a permanent front tooth and got a stellar repair job. I can't thank these guys enough for all the years of great visits!”