What is The Immersium?

The Immersium is an immersive, live action adventure game unlike any other-- one part movie, one part escape room game. Your team will sneak aboard our 40-foot long wooden ship and have 60 minutes to carry out your mission. We set the scene with an original music soundtrack, theatrical lighting, and special fx design. YOU tell the story.


In 1808, at the peak of the French Empire, Napoleon sent his brother, Joseph, to Spain to overtake the throne from Spanish rule. Reluctantly, Joseph agreed, and almost instantly after his arrival the Spanish began to revolt against this annexation.

Ruling mostly as a puppet with almost no authority, Joseph was extremely unhappy. As resistance forces drove the French out of Madrid and into northern Spain, he sought to abdicate the throne and return Naples, where he was a beloved ruler.

Storylines Revealed

Upon arriving in Cartagena, the merceneries find the ship tied up at the docks. It’s crew out at the pubs, the ship is abandoned. The mission starts here.

Shortly into the mission, teams find a log entry explaining that Joseph has had difficulty fencing the crown jewels in territory which is still largely under Spanish influence. However, as luck would have it, Captain Cheng, ruler of the massive Chinese pirate Red Flag Fleet, has also made his way to the West Indies. After accepting amnesty from the Chinese government and disbanding the fleet, Cheng had moved to the Caribbean and created an empire of brothels and gambling houses across the Caribbean. Cheng has the connections Joseph needs to sell the stolen goods.

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