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Helia Benefits

Helia moves security teams from reactive to proactive


Security teams often learn about breaches only after they have become incidents (theft, violence, etc).


Helia’s AI autonomously monitors all your existing security cameras, looking for security breaches, such as tailgating and watchlist violations.


Early warning allows security teams to respond to breaches before they can escalate.


Breach detection ensures that access control rules are always respected, without expensive, high-friction turnstiles.

What We Do

Helia transforms operator efficiency while improving security

More monitoring for breaches is expensive

Security guards and operators that triage and monitor security alarms are expensive - and they waste time on false alerts.

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Seamlessly integrates with existing cameras and hardware.

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Helia’s AI autonomously reviews alarms and the associated video, suppressing common false alarms to reduce the burden on end operators.

This allows operators to spend their time focussed on protecting an organization instead of looking through false alarms.

Guards can’t be everywhere all the time.

“From the innovation of AI protection, to ensuring perfection In security standards, Helia team provide the excellence their customers deserve.”

James Smith CEO, Softfox
Abstract Venture

Individual Investors

Dara Khosrowshahi
Dara Khosrowshahi
CEO, Uber
Brian Henson
Brian Henson
CEO, Aviato
Susan Wegner
Susan Wegner
CTO, Platinex
John Smith
John Smith
Co-founder, Florax
Sarah Naimi
Sarah Naimi
CEO, Helion
Marc Horvath
Marc Horvath
CEO, Gelion Investments
Miriam Glover
Miriam Glover
CEO, Sorex
Dennis Ianmen
Dennis Ianmen
CTO, Settio

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