Personalized Immunotherapies for Each Cancer Patient

Developing the Next Generation of Personalized Cancer Immunotherapies

The minerals quartz, micas, feldspar, calcite, and clay make up gritstone

Our Vision

Gritstone Oncology is working to cure cancer on a personalized level. We develop potent, artificial intelligence-driven, patient-specific immunotherapies that harness the power of the patient’s own immune system to recognize targets displayed by the tumor. These targets, called antigens, can be weaponized by the immune system to effectively destroy tumor cells.

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Pioneering Advancements for Targeting Tumors

Using our EDGE™ platform, Gritstone has identified

Tumor-specific neoantigens

Antigens derived from mutated proteins found on the surface exclusively in tumor cells. Since they are only found in tumor cells, tumor-specific neoantigens make excellent targets for cancer immunotherapy.

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Shared Tumor-Specific Antigens

Antigens found in limited normal tissues and tumor tissue. Shared tumor-specific antigens are shared across some patients; one therapy can treat many patients.

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Gritstone EDGE™ - Our Artificial Intelligence Platform

Gritstone has achieved breakthrough accuracy in predicting tumor-specific targets. Our platform was trained on large-scale human tumor data and is applied in clinical setting to predict neoantigen targets or shared tumor-specific targets.

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Emeryville HQ
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HQ, Research and Development

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Mass spectrometry and GMP sequencing labs, Immune Monitoring

Our State of the Art Facilities

With a personalized immunotherapy, there are many areas of development that require exceptional expertise and flawless execution. Each of Gritstone’s three sites have specialized capabilities and personnel with the technical know-how required to achieve our goal of improving the lives of cancer patients.

Meet our Team

At Gritstone, we are committed to curing cancer patients. Our dynamic team combines cutting edge science, collaboration, and hard work, and we are looking for passionate, innovative people to join us.

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Andrew Allen Ph. D
CEO, Gritstone Oncology
Erin Jones Ph. D
CEO, Gritstone Oncology
Matt Hawryluk Ph. D
CEO, Gritstone Oncology
Jean Marc Bellemin Ph. D
CEO, Gritstone Oncology

Driven Leadership

We have assembled an expert team to deliver on the promise of this novel therapeutic approach. Our leadership team represents expertise in cancer genomics, cancer immunology and vaccinology, clinical development, regulatory medicine, biomanufacturing, and business building.