Albergue de Aliaga

Aliaga, Spain

Field Sites

  • Arid and dry
  • Temperatures in summer average ~ 25-30°C
  • Region generally dominated by harsh, mountainous terrain
  • The geological park of Aliaga is renowned for its spectacular, visible geology
  • Highly exposed, and clear examples of structural/tectonic and sedimentary geology
  • Spectacular visible structural geology (pronounced folds, fractures, anticlines, synclines)
  • Highly fossiliferous zones punctuate the region
  • Almost exclusively sedimentary geology, with some regions dominated by sandstone and conglomerate successions
  • Strong visible evidence for various fluvial processes and phenomena (alluvial fans/detritus, cross bedding, imbrication)
  • Aliaga is a quiet, sparsely populated commune though the town is host to a locally well known fiesta in the summer months
  • Outdoor municipal swimming pool facilities
  • Tourist office which provides presentations, books and maps on the nature of the geology in the region (all in Spanish)
  • Various small bars and restaurants
  • Grocery shop
  • Petrol station
  • Doctor’s practice
  • Opportunity for hikes, guided tours and excursions are available (some of which have also historically been arranged through the Albergue de Aliaga hostel owners for any resident geology students)
  • A local, abandoned electrical plant in the region has become an unlikely tourist attraction due to its architectural grandeur and its unnerving, desolate nature
  • Several other notable idyllic towns and hamlets in the region, e.g. Campos, Aldehuela
  • Valencia ~ 3 hours away by car; ideal city break pre, during or post mapping


  • The Albergue de Aliaga was previously a school house, now converted to a 15-bedroom hostel. It is surrounded on all sides by excellent potential field sites- some of which can be found on its doorstep, while others may take a half-day to reach by bike/foot depending on your zone of interest
  • Up to 15 bedrooms available, comprising of single/double bed and dorm facilities (with/without bunk beds)
  • Optional private en-suite/shared bathroom facilities
  • Option for catered /non-catered stay- full kitchen/restaurant area available
  • Communal ‘work’ room- complete with blackboard, desks and shelves- this is a perfect area in which to complete your end-of-day entries after having returned from the field or catch up on any work when you’re not out mapping
  • Bicycle rental available at an additional cost of €3.5 per day (for already hosted guests) or €5 per day (non-hosted guests)- this will be a necessity should you have no other available means of transport to reach your field area

Tariffs vary depending on the size of the party with which you travel:

From 2 to 19 people
€16 / night pp
From 20 to 30 people
€15 / night pp
More than 30 people
€14 / night pp

Interested? Book here:

Aliaga, Spain
Aliaga, Spain
Aliaga, Spain

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