Drive compliance for the opportunity data you need in Salesforce

FrontlineView helps you enforce CRM hygiene mandates by making it fast and easy for sellers to keep opportunities up to date, so you can rely on your data

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What can FrontLine View do for me?

  • Drive CRM Hygiene Compliance
  • Increase data quality across systems that rely on CRM
  • Seek & source timely insights
  • Overcome CRM adoption roadblocks
  • Get the clean data you need
  • Collect agile data without adding to Salesforce to-do’s
  • Save 5+ hours/week of mind numbing data entry
  • Quickly update Salesforce for pipeline reviews and 1:1s
  • Tap into tribal knowledge to know what works

Save at least 5 hours a week of Salesforce busywork!

FrontlineView sits on top of Salesforce and provides a drastically simpler interface to quickly do updates, take and post sales notes, mine information and see what peers are doing that is giving them success.

FrontlineView integrates seamlessly with your calendar in 2 clicks, so you can work from one view and effortlessly keep Salesforce updated and in sync.