First Timers

Body In Pain? Can’t Hear Yourself Think?
It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This.

Escape The Madness.
Float Easy.

Schedule your first float today for $49 $79 Value - limited quantity for grand opening

“You feel lighter. You feel like more oxygen is in your body. You feel more vibrant. It’s just because you’ve calmed the tension. It’s… incredible man.”

Joe Rogan

Comedian & Float Enthusiast

Let's Cover The Basics...

Arrive 15 minutes before to complete your paperwork

Before You Float
Before You Float
Insert Earplugs
Before You Float
Enter the float pod
Before You Float
Music Fades In, Lights On or Off, Easy Into Your Float.
After You Float
Slowly The Music Fades Back In
After You Float
Turn On The Lights Step Out When You’re Ready
After You Float
Shower Off The Salt Water
After You Float
Get Dressed And Enjoy Our Lounge In Your Post Float Glow
Your Mind Is Free.
Without Distraction Your
Body Gets To
Rest, De-Stress, Heal, Create…
  • Float Effortlessly: The Epsom Salt Keeps You Afloat
  • Lose Track Of Where Your Body Ends And The Water Begins…
  • Noise Can’t Reach You
  • The Outside World Can’t Reach You
  • Amazing Things Happen…
What Do I Bring? +

Just You. We Provide Everything.

Claustrophobic? +

You Are In Control. Our Tanks Are Large And You May Float With The Pod Open.

Can I Drown If I Fall Asleep? +

Nope. The Salt Keeps You Afloat.

Are The Pods Clean? +

The Highly Sterile Salt Water Is Filtered FOUR Times Between Floats And Is Sanitized With UV Light.

Can I Bring A Friend? +

Of Course. Friends Don’t Let Friends Float Alone…

Is Floating New? +

Floating Has Been Healing Pain And Relieving Stress For Over 60 Years. It’s Time For You To Try It Yourself.