Animated Videos

Animated videos are powerful learning tools, especially when they’re used purposefully within a larger eLearning initiative. We develop animated videos to serve a variety of eLearning needs, including:

  • Upbeat, welcoming intro videos to grab attention and spark interest.
  • Animated videos for scenario-based courses. This shows the learner what happens when they make a choice, which is much more effective than simply telling them. This is particularly strong for soft-skills training.
  • Informational videos that use rich visuals and motion to communicate concepts more effectively than simple text.

To bring video scripts into their full animated glory, we use a rapid animated video authoring tool called Vyond. Whether you’re looking for an animated video with a contemporary feel or a whiteboard explainer video, we have the technical and creative expertise to see your project through--on time and on budget.

If you’d like to incorporate animated videos into your eLearning initiative, feel free to reach out today so that we can get started.

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