About Us

eLearning ex was founded by Devlin Peck in 2017 (originally titled eLearning extraordinaire LLC). At the time, he operated as a one-man-shop. But, as he built his client base over the coming months via LinkedIn and his personal portfolio of eLearning projects, he soon realized that more work was coming in than he could handle alone.

He enlisted the assistance of his partner in life and business, expert eLearning developer Taylor Villucci. As the referrals and repeat business continued coming in, they began building small teams to support each project.

By the end of 2018, they had developed eLearning for multiple Fortune 500 companies and billion dollar brands, and their eLearning had been delivered to hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide.

Today, the team remains small and the focus remains sharp. eLearning ex partners with highly competent training teams, instructional designers, and performance consultants to deliver the creative and technical expertise needed to bring professional-grade eLearning to life.