Since 2015, Blockonomics is one of the world’s leading blockexplorer and merchant gateway. Our ICO will supercharge our product, and lead the charge in making Bitcoin the premier choice for e-commerce payments.

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Thanks for bitcoin community for helping us become the leading
Blockexplorer/Merchant Gateway, we are looking to take bitcoin to next level


We started as a wallet watcher / blockexplorer in 2015 and have been continuously innovating in the bitcoin ecosystem. Blockonomics is a decentralized and permissionless bitcoin payment solution. Our services enhance the wallets you already own. Accept Bitcoin directly. Invoice anonymously. We are huge fans of decentralization and cryptography

Bitcoin Wallet Watcher

Watch all bitcoin addreses/xpub at one place. Email notification of trasnsaltions. Graph of balance history and tags

Peer to peer invoices

Easiest way to send a bitcoin invoice without worrrying about fluctuating price. Whole invoice is encrypted, which is great for privacy


One of the popular and reliable blockexplorer in bitcoin. Very fast and Allows user to query multiple addresses. Leader in Bech32/Segwit Adoption

Directly to wallet merchant service

Allows merchants to accept bitcoin directly to their HD wallets. No approvals/KYC required. Plugins for popular e-commerce platforms like Woocommerce, Prestashop

Send bitcoin via email

A decentralized way to send bitcoin to person via email. No bitcoin/keys are stored on our server. Uses split key generation to achive distributed trust


Date Operations
September 2018 More E-Commerce Integrations - Shopify, OpenCart, ZenChart and more
December 2018 Blockexplorer/Blockchain Improvements - Accurate confirmation estimates for mempool transactions. Graphs/Charts to keep track of Blockchain Data
March 2019 Altcoin support LTC, ETH, BCH - Track all coins from same dashboard. Accept altcoins payments together with bitcoin
June 2019 Lightning Network integration - Easy integration to receive lightning network payments on your website. Receive payments as low as 1¢ without any overheads
Nov 2019 Accept zero confirmation bitcoin payments using our special API that detects possible double spends with high accuracy
April 2018 Send API with MultiSignature wallet - Secure and robust API to programmatically send crypto payments

Token Sale

Benefits - BCK Coin

Merchants are not charged any fee when accepting BCK

Get rewards/bonus everytime you
use your coin

Get discount to purchase addons/services on and partner stores

Token Distribution

Use of Funds

Sales Information
Pre-Sale Main Sale
Sale Starts 15:00 GMT, April 7th 15:00 GMT, April 15th
Sale Ends 15:00 GMT, April 14th 15:00 GMT, April 2nd
Tokens Allocated (Inc Bonus) 450,000,000 (45%) 100,000,000 (10%)
Bonus 20% bonus No bonus
Lock Up for Bonus Tokens 30 days -
Target / Cap $7.5m $2m
Effective Price / LND $0.01666667 $0.02


Shiva S

Founder, CEO

Srinivas S

Engineering Consultant

Chetan Bhati

VP, Sales and Marketing

Reggie Tan

Head of Marketing / Growth Evangelist

Juha Siivikko

Lead Engineer