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An e-mail is sent a few days before your next game asking your players whether they're in or out.

Text Message RSVP

Some players hate e-mail, or simply don't check it often enough. Let them check in via text message.

Finance Tracking

Keep track of which players have paid and who still owe. It's finally time to ditch that dusty old Microsoft Excel.

Finding Spares

Keep your bench full. Easily put a call out for spares and have them check themselves in.

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BenchApp is as beautiful as it is simple to use.

Even more features to save you time.

Go back to enjoying the game you love.

Drink Manager

Get rid of the pen and paper. Log who's had drinks, who's brought drinks and who's on drinks next.


Send team wide (or to select players) e-mail broadcasts. Or send via text message. The choice is yours.


Team chat allows you to shoot the breeze with your entire team. Pre-game, post-game, and even during.


Manage your games, practices and special events, such as team BBQs and golf tournaments.

Accessible Anywhere

All your team data is synced between our apps and our website, in real-time. You're always connected.

Get Paid Fast and on Time.

With our simple Stripe integration, you can accept credit cards directly from your players. Gone are the days of the "Sorry, I forgot to bring cash, I'll get you next game" free-loaders. Accept their credit card payment instantly, right from the locker room. Best of all, there's no cost to you.

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