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Architecture is an experience.

We craft it around the users of the space: the basis for architecture’s existence.

Recall a place that felt like home. Was it comfortable? Inviting? Bright or intimate? The intangible elements of experiencing a place are often the hardest to articulate and create, but they are the cornerstone for exceptional design.

We want to know what makes you tick and provide you with space that is meditative, energizing, thought-provoking and inspiring. As a container for life’s most precious experiences, our designs are more than just shelter or artistic expression. Architecture is the culmination of every decision, every detail, every thought and every feeling manifested in tangible form – and you are the reason it exists.

We call it approachable architecture.

Architecture is a thought process.

We nurture it with research and innovation.

How do we think about design? Our secret is asking the right questions and listening carefully to your answers. Fully understanding your needs allows us to solve complex design problems. Our inquisitive approach lets us tackle a wide range of project types.

We start with the fundamentals of function, analytical observations, rational use of materials and integration of new technology. Next, we explore how to meet your needs through research, testing, and reflection. Our expertise across residential, higher education, hospitality, urban studies, and corporate interiors provides a broad foundation to build from. For complex or unusual projects, we collaborate with our network of consultants to enhance the project.

Our approach is simple: listen, anticipate, innovate.

Architecture is a team effort.

We support it through Knowledge Building and Collaboration.

It’s your project, and we believe you deserve a seat at the table. We brainstorm design solutions alongside you, rather than behind closed doors. We believe collaboration is where the best ideas begin, and your values, goals and vision inspire us.

We streamline the design process by pacing the information you receive, empowering you to make decisions. Whether we start with Feasibility Studies, or dive right into Concept Development, a custom project plan is crafted to keep all the pieces on track.

You are part of the team. We don’t design for you, we design with you.

Our secret to great design is asking the right questions and listening carefully to your answers.
Fully understanding your needs allows us to solve complex design problems.

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What People Say

Mrs. Miracle has always approached the work she has undertaken, both on her own and in a team setting with an extremely high level of dedication, thoroughness and professionalism. Readily welcoming responsibility and challenge, Brinn quickly grasps concepts, synthesizing the salient information and developing clear approaches to the work at hand.

- Joe P.

Brinn is exceptionally well-researched and has good analytical and communication skills.

- Luis A.

Not only did Brinn convey conceptual and practical ideas quickly, her judgment and skills allowed for quick and efficient solutions and decision making crucial to our time frame.

- Amanda G.

Brinn is a talented individual whose technical and conceptual design skills were critical throughout the design, documentation, and administrative phases of the project. Her strengths were not only apparent in her technical abilities and talents, but also in her commitment to achieve the best possible product for the client.

- Jenny S., RID

Our Services

Feasibility Studies

Do you have an idea of what you want, but no idea if it will work? Our high-level identification exercise looks at

Design Discovery

You need a building, but you don’t know what it will look like or what will go inside. Whether you start with a folder of magazine clippings, a napkin sketch or a partially developed drawing set, we can help.

Concept Development Sessions

There are many steps between an initial design concept and a set of construction drawings ready for permit. The concept development phase digs into all of the details about your design

Contractor Selection

Need helping determining which contractor is right for your project? Afraid you don’t know what criteria to look for? We’ve walked in your shoes as a client and as an architect.

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